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- Values -

Randy is the conservative leader we need in Jackson. He stands up for our conservative, Mississippi values. His life reflects our traditions. At the State Capitol, he’ll protect our values:

• Supports traditional marriage
• Opposes abortion, promotes adoption
• 100% Pro-Life (Randy has received the Mississippi Right to Life PAC recommendation.)
• Supports our Second Amendment right to bear firearms (Randy has been given a "A" rating from the NRA.)
• Advocates private property rights

- Immigration -

Randy is a conservative leader who believes Mississippi should fight illegal immigration and help secure Mississippi communities:

• Require proof of U.S. citizenship before one can obtain welfare
• Train state troopers to assist in enforcing immigration laws
• Provide mandatory immigration status checks for all criminal suspects
• Deny bail to illegal immigrants who commit crimes
• Require proof of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote
• Verify employment eligibility over the internet at no cost to businesses
• Fine businesses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants
• Increase penalties for document fraud
• Stiffen penalties for smuggling illegal immigrants

- Current Issues -

As your State Representative, Randy will fight to:

• Capitalize on the recent economic development opportunities in Northeast Mississippi by working with leadership in Jackson to bring jobs to our community
• Keep taxes low on working families and small businesses so our communities can grow and prosper
• Improve our public educational system by ensuring teachers are fairly compensated and education dollars go directly into the classrooms
• Require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote, obtain welfare or other benefits
• Stand up for traditional marriage, life, and our Second Amendment rights

Please consider voting Randy Boyd for House of Representatives District 19 on November 8th and send a lifelong leader to the State Capitol.


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