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Dear Neighbors,

Over the last few months, many of you have probably seen my father, Randy Boyd, as he has campaigned in your communities. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know a little more about the man who has been a great dad and an inspiring role model to my family.

My life has certainly been shaped by the strong example that Dad showed us through his actions. By seeing the compassion he showed to others, his unfailing work ethic, and his strong Christian faith, I learned what it meant to be both morally and financially conservative. The lessons he taught me by the way he has lived his life have influenced all of my important life choices. Of this, I am very thankful.

Dad was never the kind of person that could sit by and not get involved in decisions that would affect our family, and that is why he is running for State Representative in District 19. My Dad knows that the choices our next representative makes will have an impact on families in our community. We need him, because he’ll fight to fully fund our education system and attract more and better paying jobs to this area. He’ll also stand up for the values that we all hold so dear.

As many of you know, I am a Nurse Practitioner at a local clinic in Fulton. This dream was achieved after many Paid for by the Randy Boyd Campaign years of prayer, determination, and hard work - values that I learned from my Dad. As a child, my Dad was always checking on me to make sure that my homework got done and that I was taking my studies seriously. He understands the value of education, and he made sure we understood it too.

My Dad’s character and love for his family played a large role in a decision he faced about ten years ago. After working for 21 years as a forester at Westvaco, he was faced with an ultimatum: If he wanted to keep his job, he’d have to move out of the state. After much prayer and discussion with our family, he decided that we would stay here in Mississippi.

Instead of looking at this choice as a challenge, my Dad saw it as an opportunity. He opened a small business in the community and worked tirelessly to make it successful. His example, along with years of encouragement, was instrumental in my husband, Ryan’s, and my decision to support our community by opening a health care clinic. My Dad is a man of character and integrity. Nothing is more important to him than his family and his faith. I know that the values he learned growing up in our community, and has lived by ever since, will guide him as our State Representative.

I hope that you’ll vote to elect my Dad, Randy P. Boyd, as our State Representative on November 6th.


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